May/June 2016

On the summer there is lots goin on!

I have got both the Ford GPW and the Dodge Command Car that I bought in December home.

I have attended with my Willys jeep on a couple of meetings, and got a price for it the Sundsvall Street Meet. Both the Willys and the Dodge attended to the Cruising in Sundsvall.

I have got my hand on a bunch on 3 more Weasels and a Dodge WC project from north Sweden.

I also sold my Hummer H1. I felt I did not us it as much as I should have. That also opened up the oportunity to by an BGBG4012, that is the recovery model of the Swedish PBV401 (MT-LB).

And as I wrote, I cant keep everything updated here, so please take a look and follow my FB page as well!

April 2016

Summer is on the way and lots is going on! I will have a hard time to keep all news up to date on this page! Please look at my FB page for fresh news.

The Jeep restoration is finnished, and I have been putting a display together at Sundsvall Vårmässa together with my girlfriend and my brother.

As spring has come it was time to go and recover that M29C I made a deal on earlier this year!

I have also purchased a new car, a Nissan Navara, with a towload of 3 Ton, it is perfect to haul my trailer behind.

March 2016

During vacation in south Sweden, partly to visit the Bilsport Custom and Performance Motor Show at Elmia, I randomly saw this trailer behind a pile of firewood when passing by with my car. It is a WW2 Ben-Hur trailer, never restored and still has lots of original markings visible. Missing some minor parts only. I asked to buy it, and owner sold it to me! Prevous owner had used it behind his small tractor to haul firewood. Now I just need a CMC CCKW to haul it behind myself!

February 2016

Made a deal on saving another weasel. This M29C Has spent to many years sitting outside in the woods just getting more and more rusty... When the weather gets better and snow melts away I will make a trip to collect it and get it under some protecting roof to start with, and from that pont see what to make of the weasel.

January 2016

Another jeep procject is added to the collection. This time i found a 1950 CJ3A Offroad jeep that had been sitting under a tarp for many years. Future plan is to get jeep running again and use as a offroad jeep just to have fun with.

1st January I got acces to a new garage. In a couple of days the move was finnished. As both me and my Girlfriend share the hobby, we share the garage. The Volvo 903 Valp on the picture is hers.

December 2015

A purchase has been made. Latest to be added to my collection will be this 1942 Ford GPW, and a 1942 Dodge Command Car. These vehicles will be collected next spring. Both vehicles has been restored in the 80is, and since that been garaged inside.

Summer 2015

A Bunch of Studebaker T24, M29 and M29C Weasels is being bought in North of Sweden. Picture is when they arrive at my place.

A couple of them are good projects that will get a home under roof until restoration, and a couple are better suited to donate parts

One of the better weasel is an ex Swedish Army Weasel, Called Bandvagn M/48