Recovered vehicles

Old M29C weasel is being recovered at midsummer 2014. After being dumped in the forrest for almost 40 years, I found it by getting a tip. I later got permission from the landowner to save it. This hull will donate float tanks and parts to my M29C restoration.

Ford GPW is being recovered in 2005. Lots of parts missing, and everything taken into parts. Ment to be restored in the 70is but never was. I restored the jeep  mechanicaly as a "Rat Jeep". As much as possible is kept original! Can be seen under "Vehicle collection on this page

Volkswagen Type 1 chassi. Was bought from a previous owner who had it to play around with, 2006 Chassi was used as base for building a 3 seated buggy with the American DPV as inspiration. Please se "Vehicle collection" for the result.

Studebaker M29 Weasel as being found at a dealer for working machines in 2007. It was in bad condition. Floors was rusted trough, rear axle was demounted and weasel was fitted with an old Volvo B18 engine that was totaly stuck. The same weasel can be seen under "Vehicle collection" on this page, after restoration was finnished.

Willys MB Slatgrill is being saved. The jeep has spent its time as a workhorse for an old farmer. When I recovered the jeep it had been standning behind a barn for many years. Jeep was in very bad condition and frame is totaly demolished. Perfect donar jeep to give parts to other jeep restorations, 2014

Me and a friend is coming home after recovering an old Willys CJ2A project that spent many years behind a barn in Hälsingland, 2013

Two Studebaker Wesels is being recovered in north of Sweden, by me and a friend, not that far away from the border to Finland. 2012

Volvo TGB11 / C303 is being recovered after spenging about 20 years in the woods. The previous owner sold it to me 2014 and after that the TGB has been demounted and donated parts to various projects. 2014

3 Dodge Weapon carriers after being recovered. All has been spending to much time without any caring owner. Photos taken 2015